Q&A with Gami Chicken & Beer

with Steven Lee

We’re so excited to welcome Gami Chicken & Beer to Springlake! With the restaurant now open for pick up and delivery, we’re catching up with business owner Steven Lee to learn all about their delicious offerings.

Tell us a little about yourself and the business at Springlake. Why do you love what you do?

My sister Caroline and I have always been massive foodies and have been in love with the Gami brand for ages. When the opportunity presented itself to open a store close to home, we decided to leave our corporate jobs and follow our passions. All our chicken is cooked to order, hand cut, and made with the highest quality ingredients. The unique flavour of Gami is created from a golden ratio of seventeen mixed herbs, which delivers a savoury flavour of Korean spiciness, sweetness, and sourness!

When customers come to Gami Chicken & Beer, what can they expect?

Whether you are on a first date, having lazy afternoon looking for food, or catching up with your old mates, at Gami, you will always find high quality food and warm friendly service!

What are some of your favourite items on the menu that customers should try?

Our most popular item is our Boneless Fried Chicken! Lots of our customers enjoy it with our Korean Soy Garlic sauce. We also have an awesome range Korean off tap beer, cocktails, and desserts.

Why are you excited to open in Caroline Springs?

We live locally and think that Springlake is the perfect location! We cannot wait for summer so that we can enjoy some Korean fried chicken and beer right on the lake. The view is incredible!

To try Gami Chicken & Beer for yourself, head to their website at https://www.gamichicken.com.au/ or go straight to ordering online. You can also follow them on Facebook or on Instagram @gamichickenbeer to stay on top of the latest updates – like when you’ll be able to get a sit-down meal!

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